Welcome to Asia Antioch Seminary

As we know man has two lives, physical life and spiritual/eternal life. The first stage of life will last about 80-100 years and in the second stage the soul of the man will live forever either in Heaven or Hell as per teaching of the Christ and the Bible.
We the family of Antioch Community gives equal importance to both the life on earth and life hereafter. However, a weightier emphasis is given on eternal life issue while doing our best to meet the basic socio-economic-physical needs of the poor and needy.
Antioch Seminary is here to train the men and women and to encourage and strengthen churches and mission. As of now this is the only full fledge theological training institute in the city of Guwahati under Asia Theological Association.

I do agree with C.S. Lewis – “I have discovered that the people who believe most strongly in the next life do the most good in the present one”.

As we train these young men and women, we know for sure that they will render the best service to our nation and churches.
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